How Do You Give an Engagement Party Speech?


An engagement party speech should be concise, funny and informative. The engagement party is primarily for the benefit of the couple to be married, so it is important to be respectful of them.

Engagement party speeches should get right to the point because after more than a couple of minutes, party guests will begin to zone out. Speeches do not have to be written out word for word, but ideally there should be some planning for the occasion so as not to mess it up. Speeches should be rehearsed so that the speaker feels comfortable when talking in front of a large group of people.

Besides being short in length, engagement party speeches should also contain some elements of humor. Although it is a serious occasion, speeches given at an engagement party allow everyone to have a chance to relax and joke around. Any funny stories should be appropriate and relatively clean in nature.

Close family and friends of the couple at an engagement party may not know much about the other partner. An engagement party speech is the perfect time to reminisce on important moments in the life of that person. Seeking out family members is a good way to ensure that childhood stories are accurate and reflect well on the person.