What Do You Give for the 35th Wedding Anniversary?

For a 35th wedding anniversary, the traditional gift is coral, and the modern gift is jade. This means that a 35th wedding anniversary gift should involve coral or jade in some part if an individual wishes to follow tradition. Of course, some people may choose to not follow these traditions when choosing a gift for their spouse or another couple celebrating their 35th wedding anniversary.

Jewelry is a popular wedding anniversary gift, and both coral and jade can be made into jewelry. Coral can make an exotic statement in jewelry, while jade has a smoother look. If real coral or jade jewelry is not an option, one can also buy coral or jade-colored jewelry. This way, the jewelry can be in any style desired.

Even men can enjoy gifts made of coral or jade. A set of jade cuff links or a coral-colored lapel pin would work nicely.

If the couple is not interested in jewelry, a trip to an exotic location to visit coral reefs can be a fitting and luxurious gift. On a smaller scale, a trip to a local aquarium or even a gift of a home aquarium filled with coral and exotic fish would do nicely to celebrate a 35th wedding anniversary.