Why Do Girls Mentally Mature Faster Than Boys?

According to Psychology Today, researchers at Newcastle University in the United Kingdom have found that every brain goes through restructuring during the childhood years, and girls mature faster because their brains tend to reorganize the connections in their brains quicker than boys. During this time, connections in the brain that are not used as much tend to shrink and close off, while the connections that are used the most are nourished.

Psychology Today points out that the connections made in the brain have developed in such a way as to give every human the tools he needs for survival. The connections that are not needed as a result of an individual's environment are not nourished, so they disappear. This allows the connections that are used the most to take in more nourishment. Although scientists still do not fully understand why, female brains go through this process quicker.

According to Time Magazine, females generally form more connections between the two hemispheres of their brains than do males. Scientists believe it is the early reorganization that takes place in females brains which allows their brains to work more efficiently. This helps females not only to learn faster but also to process their environments and emotions quicker.