What Do Girls From Japan Do for Fun?


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Enjoying dolls, candy, baked goods and crafts, such as origami and calligraphy, are quite common among young girls. Young children in Japan also participate in many of the same free-time activities as Western children, including going to parks, swimming in pools, going to libraries and spending time with friends.

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What Do Girls From Japan Do for Fun?
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Children in junior high and high school are likely to focus more on school clubs and activities when they have leisure time. In the Japanese culture, students focus much more heavily on school and school-related activities than on spending time with family members. Girls commonly learn to play the piano or guitar, play sports such as softball or tennis, or attend cultural clubs such as art, English or calligraphy. Students are encouraged to join after-school clubs, and rarely change clubs or interests throughout high school.

"Cram schools" are also a common phenomenon in Japan for girls and boys alike; up to 60 percent of Japanese students attend after-school cram schools. Cram schools offer tutoring and additional work to help students prepare not only for the frequent tests in Japanese high schools, but for the transition to university. They often offer non-academic lessons such as judo or art, but they mostly focus on academic work.

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