What Gifts Did the Wise Men Bring to Baby Jesus?

The wise men brought gold, myrrh and incense to baby Jesus, who was born in a manger. The wise men had been following a star that led them to the exact place where the child would be born in Bethlehem, a city in Israel. These gifts were significant, as they symbolized who Jesus would grow to become and the kind of ministry he would have.

Gold: This is a precious metal considered to be associated with royalty. Since Jesus was destined to become the king of Israel, the wise men thought it appropriate to bring gifts that would be relevant to his calling or station in life.

Myrrh: This particular gift would seem quite peculiar since it was usually used in preservation of the dead or embalming. However, it signified the kind of ministry Jesus would have and how his death would be of great importance to human beings.

Incense: The sweet smelling aroma of incense characterized temple worship since the days of Moses. This gift would normally be mixed with oil and used to anoint Israelite priests. The gift was presented to Jesus in order to signify his office as a priest who would mediate between men and God.