What Giant Human Remains Have Been Discovered?

What Giant Human Remains Have Been Discovered?

As of 2015, some giant human remains that have been discovered include the giant uncovered near Rome in 2012, and possibly the Giant of Castelnau, discovered in 1890. Many reports of gigantic human remains have been hoaxes.

Remains discovered during an archaeological dig in Italy in were the first verified case of an ancient skeleton displaying gigantism. Dating from the third century, these are the oldest verified giant remains found so far. They were from an individual who stood 6 feet 8 inches.

As of 2015, cases of older or larger giants remain unverified or have been revealed to be hoaxes.

For example, the Giant of Castelnau, found buried in a French cemetery in 1890, is not yet confirmed to be human. If the bones are from a human rather than a large animal, the Castelnau giant would have towered over the ancient Roman giant by 5 feet.

The Cardiff Giant was a famous hoax fossil from the 19th century. The "remains" were actually a large stone statue carved by an atheist to mock Christian belief in ancient giants. Similarly, purported giant remains found in Iraq in the early 2000s were actually a doctored photograph.