Are Ghosts Real?


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Parapsychologists and researchers in the paranormal community claim to prove the existence of ghosts using non-scientific research methods. There is, however, no concrete scientific evidence to prove that ghosts are real.

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Are Ghosts Real?
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Scientists strongly debate the validity of parapsychology and view the field as a pseudoscience, states New World Encyclopedia. Skeptical academics also contribute by conducting experiments and paranormal investigations of their own. One skeptical researcher of the unexplained, Benjamin Radford, understands that many people want to believe that their deceased loved ones still remain; he points out that most people who believe in ghosts do so because of personal experiences.

Paranormal researchers contend that their research is rigorous and closely mirrors the scientific method. Groups of researchers seek out information about paranormal phenomena by conducting investigations in the field. Dave Juliano is a ghost researcher and the owner of The Ghosthunter Store. Paranormal investigative teams use equipment like Juliano's to document their findings during investigations. Juliano and others like him claim to have helped identify and treat hauntings for clients through the use of these specialized tools. Many report obtaining documentation of spirit voices and images of ghosts. The Rhine Research Center sponsors research on and inquiry into the afterlife. Dr. Steve Taylor contributes articles on the Rhine Research Center website and supports the idea that psychic phenomena exists.

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