What Do Ghosts Hate?

The vengeful ghost is a common trope throughout cinema and other forms of media, almost always presented as a lost soul who can't find rest until they have exacted revenge. This idea supports the theory that ghosts hate that which reminds them of an extremely negative event in their living existence.

The History Channel website explains that ghost stories originated from the idea that a person's soul could be unsettled in death due to some injustice in life. In fact, many historians believe this was one of the main reasons for funeral rites. Hauntings are believed to take place in locations where the ghost experienced a strong emotion as a human, often in their final moments. Since such emotions would typically be negative, the trope of the angry, hateful ghost was born.

Ghost Study explains the various types of ghosts that are believed to exist by modern paranormal investigators. From solid ghost sightings to blurs on a family photograph, ghosts have manifested to believers in a variety of ways. Some of the most physical hauntings occur in places where intensely negative events took place, suggesting that the more hated a location is, the more ghosts will manifest there and make their presence known. The Ladd School, a school where those with various physical and mental disabilities were held against their will and abused severely, is a particularly good example of this phenomenon. In fact, many paranormal investigators believe it to be proof that vengeful ghosts hate the location of death and anything that reminds them of their suffering in life.