What Are Some Facts About Ghosts?

What Are Some Facts About Ghosts?

There are no scientifically proven facts about ghosts, but there is a wealth of informal research data gathered by parapsychologists and paranormal investigators in purportedly haunted locations. Researchers report similarities in their findings. In addition, everyday people report experiences with paranormal beings. A 2013 poll taken by the Huffington Post says that of 1,000 adults polled, 45 percent believe in ghosts.

Joe Nickel, Ph.D., who contributes articles for the Committee of Skeptical Inquiry website does not believe in the existence of ghosts. Further, he discredits the work of paranormal investigative teams like those on TV when he writes: "The problem is exacerbated by the pseudo-scientific use of scientific equipment and by the distinct possibility that ghost hunters are actually causing—even if unintentionally—some of the very phenomena they are experiencing!"

Those who believe in ghosts say that there are many things we know for sure about them. First and foremost, they exist, say veteran ghost hunters like Luke Marcus who writes for New Age Man online in the United Kingdom. Experts in this pseudo-scientific area of study believe that animals really can sense spirits and that when you get "that creepy feeling," there is a possibility that a ghost really is standing next to you. Marcus goes further to say that actual communication, or speech, between a human and a spirit entity does, in fact, occur.

Websites, such as YourGhostStories.com, compile the accounts of people all over the world who claim to have witnessed spirits. An anonymous young writer on the site, a mother, reports the sensation of being followed.

Scientists, researchers and common citizens on both sides of the issue of ghosts continue to debate the existence of ghosts.