How Are Ghost Voices Recorded?


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Paranormal researchers claim to record ghost voices, or electronic voice phenomenon, using digital recorders. Some people use computers to record EVP, while others experiment with special equipment such as ghost boxes. Ghost boxes emit white noise; according to paranormal researchers, ghosts can use white noise to make their voices heard.

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To record ghost voices, a paranormal researcher finds a promising location, such as an old house, abandoned hospital, vacant prison, graveyard or historical site. After entering a location, a ghost hunter turns on his digital recorder and asks questions, pausing between each one to allow any ghosts in the area to answer. For example, a researcher may ask, "Are there any spirits here?" Ghost hunters typically choose digital recorders over tape recorders because tape machines generate too much external noise, which can end up creating confusing recordings. In some cases, researchers use sensitive external microphones to record sounds that may be too faint for a recorder's microphone.

Ghost researchers ensure that a location is quiet before starting an EVP session. Any background noise, including the voices of living people, may interfere with the recording process. If a researcher accidentally records a stray sound, he makes note of it in the recording. For example, if he coughs, he might say, "That was me coughing." Ghost hunters may play back a recording in the field or download it and listen to it on a computer equipped with audio software. Some software enables researchers to isolate certain parts of a recording and enhance it for results with a higher quality.

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