What Does a Ghost Look Like?

ghost-look-like Credit: Ivan Bliznetsov/Vetta/Getty Images

According to the South Texas Ghost Hunters Alliance, ghosts appear in several different forms that range from energy orbs to apparitions with human features. In psychic studies, it is believed that ghosts appear when they have unfinished business on earth or a message to relay to a loved one in the living world.

In addition to orbs and human apparitions, ghosts also appear as flashes of light or mist. Ghosts are also believed to make their presence known through scents. Familiar scents such as perfumes, flowers or colognes that appear seemingly out of nowhere with no explanation are believed by some to be messages from beyond. Ghost hunting is a popular practice in which ghosts are hunted by humans using photo and recording equipment. Ghosts often show up in photos as shadows, bright white lights and orbs. While it is common for photographs to possess errors, ghost hunters and psychics believe that the photo variations are actually visitors from the other side.

Another interesting phenomenon surrounding ghosts involves their interactions with children. A common belief is that many children are born with the ability to communicate with the spirit world. While it is considered completely normal behavior for infants and toddlers to laugh and talk to themselves, psychics believe the children are actually communicating with visitors from the other side.