What Are Some German-Made Brands for Kitchen Appliances?

German-made brands of kitchen appliances include those sold by Bosch, Miele, Mayerbach and Teka Group. Kitchen appliances made by Bosch include induction cooktops, microwaves, convection ovens, warming drawers and refrigerators, as well as dishwashers, ventilation devices and internal blowers. All are available in multiple styles and with different features.

The types of appliances manufactured and sold by Teka Group include those featuring the company’s Hydroclean oven technology and its TekaFlex flexible induction oven system. The iHood extractor hood is manufactured by the company and sold by Apple. Products offered by Mayerbach include professional kitchen appliances, such as built-in ovens, hobs, hoods, microwaves, coffee machines, warming drawers and boilers.