What Is the Gemini Personality?


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The Gemini personality, just like all horoscope signs, has both positive and negative sides. However, Gemini individuals are most easily defined by their intellect and energy.

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The intellect and energy of Gemini are the fuel for both the positive and negative sides of their personalities. The positive side is the ability to communicate very well, charm others, see two opposing sides of issues, learn in multiple areas and be positively excited about many things. However, due to their energy and multiple interests, Gemini tend to lack in consistency and in following through on many of their multiple endeavors.

These varying traits make their personality well-suited to team endeavors in which they are good problem solvers and companions. Due to their ability to see both sides, they have a problem in making firm decisions, which is part of the reason that they aren't inclined to lead. This allows them to fit in well with others without having to come into conflict over positions of privilege. Instead, problems arise because they value intellect above all other things and can be seen as cold or hard in some instances. Their element is air, which indicates that they have a talent for interpersonal interaction but lack the ability to be concrete or firm when making decisions.

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