How Do You Know If a Gemini Man Likes You?

There is no scientific proof of the accuracy of astrology, and men born under Gemini are not guaranteed to be similar. However, for individuals who believe in zodiac signs, the best way to attract a Gemini male is to be spontaneous, adaptable and dependable as a friend.

According to psychic Imelda Green, Gemini men value relationships with a strong basis in friendship. Because their sign is thought to be so erratic and changeable, they appreciate a stabilizing influence in their lives. Gemini men like people who stick by them, because others may abandon them when they are discouraged by their emotional highs and lows.

Gemini men are also thought to reject boredom and monotony. They like people who present them with exciting opportunities and spontaneous suggestions for activities and outings. When they are in an emotional rut as a result of their careers or life, they are drawn to people who help them get out of it. They appreciate those who can adjust to their psychological triggers and variable personality.

Modern science argues against the validity of astrology for a number of reasons. The predictions and characteristics associated with each sign science considers too generalized to accurate. Also, there is no standard interpretation for astrological information.