What Are Some Gay-Friendly Cities?

What Are Some Gay-Friendly Cities?

According to LonelyPlanet.com, the most gay-friendly place on Earth is Copenhagen, Denmark. Denmark was the first nation to recognize registered same-sex partnerships, in 1989. In 2014, Copenhagen City Council named a central square the Rainbow Square, in celebration of 25 years of equal rights in Denmark. Initially, same-sex couples could only register for civil partnership, but, as of 2012, they can also get married in church and can adopt children, as of 2010.

San Francisco is known as the LGBT capital of the United States. The Castro neighborhood is a focus point in the history of equal rights activism. GayTravel.com states that the city is "notoriously liberal and accepting of gay people, so you shouldn't have any worries being yourself around town."

Some argue that New York City has actually become stereotypically the gay and gender-variant capital of the United States. It is the place where the pride movement and yearly parades started.

Several travel guides agree that Berlin is one of the most gay-friendly cities ever. It is a city of diversity and acceptance, filled with LGBT bars, clubs, cafes, parties, carnivals and more. It hosts numerous festivals, including the Lesbian and Gay City Festival held in June every year.

Other cities known to be welcoming of the LGBT and gender-diverse community are Amsterdam, Barcelona, Los Angeles, Tel Aviv, Miami and London.