What Was Gandhi's Mission in Life?

Gandhi's main mission in life was to help India gain independence from Great Britain and establish home rule. To achieve this, he developed a method of non-violent protest involving passive resistance to authority. After India's independence, Gandhi focused on improving relations between Hindus and Muslims.

After studying in London and practicing law for a short time in Bombay, Mohandas K. Gandhi accepted a job as an attorney in South Africa. After encountering violent discrimination, Gandhi initiated a protest movement of civil disobedience that eventually brought about fair treatment for Indian immigrants. When he returned to India, he became involved in India's struggle for independence. He adopted an austere lifestyle and assumed the dress of common people. Although he was fervent about India's need for home rule, whenever his followers became violent, he ended resistance, insisting that independence be achieved only through non-violence.

After World War II, the British held talks with Indian leaders concerning India's independence. Despite Gandhi's opposition, Indian was partitioned into the two nations of India and Pakistan. Violence broke out as millions of Hindu and Muslim refugees were relocated. To help quell the violence, Gandhi fasted almost to death. In January 1948, Gandhi was shot and killed by a Hindu fanatic who opposed his attempts to negotiate with the Muslim leaders of Pakistan.