What Are Some Games to Play With Senior Citizens?

Great games to play with senior citizens include the cup stacking game, super-size crossword, hobbies describing game and A Day at the Races. Playing these games with senior citizens improves dexterity and memory.

To play the cup stacking game, give all participants nine cups in piles of three. Then ask them to stack the cups into a pyramid. Time their progress to determine the winner.

To make a super-size crossword, enlarge a crossword found in a magazine, newspaper, book or online. Then have participants work on completing the crossword in a group. Try giving small prizes for correct answers.

Before playing the hobbies describing game, make a sufficient number of hobby cards, which should have pictures or words of hobbies printed on them. Then divide the group into two teams, and give each person about five cards. Each person in turn describes as many of their hobby cards as they can in their allotted period of time. Whichever team is able to identify the largest number of hobbies wins.

To play A Day at the Races, make six cardboard horses or purchase six wooden horses. The game also requires six to eight cardboard hurdles. Have players roll the dice to decide which horse gets to clear the hurdles. The horse that first jumps over the final hurdle wins the game. Try adding betting pools, wide brimmed hats for the ladies and themed beverages.