What Is a Gallup Personality Profile Test?

The Gallup Organization’s personality profile test, Gallup Strengthsfinder, is an online test that measures personal talents, providing a foundation for building toward positive life outcomes. The Strengthsfinder assessment includes 177 pairs of descriptive statements such as “I go out of my way to meet new people” and “I avoid meeting new people,” asking test-takers to indicate which statement in each pair best describes them and to what extent. Results include a description of a test-taker’s five “signature themes” or strengths.

Gallup developed the Strengthsfinder under the leadership of Daniel O. Clifton in the 1990s. It is a psychometric assessment tool that objectively measures the test-taker’s abilities, personality traits, skills and knowledge. Test-takers have only 20 seconds to rate themselves on the continuum between each pair of descriptors, and the test takes no more than one hour to complete.

Positive psychology is at the heart of the Strengthsfinder as it focuses attention on an individual’s strengths or talents rather than his weaknesses. Test-takers use this information about their strengths to discuss and develop their skills, talents and knowledge. Ultimately the test helps people to engage more productively with others and realize higher performance. The Gallup Strengthsfinder is available for purchase at Gallupstrengthscenter.com.