How Is Gabriel Swaggart Related to Evangelist Jimmy Swaggart?

Gabriel Swaggart is Pentecostal televangelist Jimmy Swaggart's grandson since Jimmy's son, Donnie, is Gabriel's father. As of September 2015, Gabriel is the director of Baton Rouge, Louisiana-based Crossfire Youth Ministry, which is part of Jimmy Swaggart Ministries.

Gabriel also hosts SonLife Broadcasting Network's "Generation of the Cross,” a live, interactive weekly Bible study panel of ministers and youth workers, and “Living Waters," an hour-long music program about the history of the songs that the network features. SonLife Broadcasting Network is the cable and satellite television arm of Jimmy Swaggart Ministries. Gabriel's wife Jill is a worship leader at Crossfire Youth Ministry. They have two daughters: Abby Jill and Samantha Gabrielle.