What Is the G Rate Makeup Stamp?

The G Rate Makeup stamp was issued by the United States Postal Service on December 13, 1994 for a value of three cents. It was issued just before the First Class postal rate increase in January 1995 to 32 cents. Customers still in possession of 29 cent stamps, the previous First Class postal rate, could use them with the G Rate Makeup stamp to send letters First Class.

The G Rate Makeup stamp featured a dove and was printed by two vendors: The American Bank Note Company and Stamp Ventures. The American Bank Note Company offered sheets of stamps with perforations and a bright blue color. Stamp Ventures also offered a sheet format, however perforation dimensions were slightly different from the American Bank Note Company stamps and featured a dark blue color. Stamps from both vendors explicitly showed that they were make-up rate stamps, indicating that they must be used in conjunction with another stamp. Neither showed that the stamp was worth three cents.

On the same day the G Rate Makeup stamp was introduced, the USPS also printed the G Stamp Old Glory (U.S. Addresses Only) which was a First Class Stamp fulfilling the new 32 cent rate. The 32-cent Love First Class Stamp was issued later in February 1995. The new First Class rate of 32 cents covered letters that weighed one ounce or less. These stamps are considered non-denominated by the USPS.