What Does the Future Hold for Me?

future-hold Credit: Blend Images - REB Images/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images

A person's genetics, past experiences, personality and both minor and major choices create the variables in their future. According to Psychology Today, each person has "more than one potential and satisfied self."

Each choice influences some aspect of the future, according to Psychology Today. Geneticists argue that many personality traits are inborn and impact the future greatly. Aspects of both help predict possible future outcomes.

When people view their future selves as separate people, but as people who are important to them, good choices that influence a good future are more recognizable. When people examine past choices and draw connections to present realities, patterns of effect become more clear. Education, health and socio-economics have a major impact upon a person's future. The childhood experiences of each person therefore heavily influence the available choices.

Intelligence and physical characteristics are also important factors in a person's future. The ability to achieve at the required levels for specific jobs, sports, activities and social situations is highly dependant upon a person's genetics. The Human Genome Project contains detailed information about each gene and genetic mutation that help human beings predict personal traits, strengths and weaknesses. Studying genetics helps people understand their potential and their limitations, and this knowledge has an increasing impact upon a person's future. Combining physical facts with psychological theory, people are still only able to make predictions about the future. There is no certainty, and there are exceptions that skew the ultimate outcome.