What Is a Funny Softball Nickname?

One funny softball nickname is Dirt Diva for a female softball player or Alley Boy for a male who likes the sport. Softball nicknames can be taken from funny softball team names, such as Cyclone from the team name the Cyclones or Flame from a team known as the Flames. Tornado, Mean Girl, Dirt Eater and Diamond Diva are other suggested names.

Softball nicknames can also be extracted from the nicknames that were given to baseball stars. For example, according to Athlon Sports, baseball player Carl Pavano, when playing for the New York Yankees, was known as "American Idle" because the player made only nine starts during four seasons of play. Baseball player Yogi Berra's real name was Lawrence, but he acquired the moniker of Yogi when, sitting cross-legged, he was said to look like a Hindu yogi.

Baseball player Mariano Rivera earned the nickname "The Sandman" -- another way of saying "good night, batters" to competing teams. Rickey Henderson, who posted 1,406 steals in his career, was known as the "Man of Steal." Steve Balboni's nickname was "Bye-Bye" because he had a good home run scoring record. Ironically, this nickname could also be used for a player that had the tendency to strike out or go back to the dugout frequently.