What Are Some Funny Names for Chili Recipes?

W. Bruce Cameron, a competition judge, enjoys tasting chili recipes with funny names such as “Linda’s Legal Lip Remover,” “Susan’s Screaming Sensation” and “Helen’s Mount Saint.” Other favorite names are “Mike’s Maniac Mobster Monster” and “Arthur’s Afterburner.” According to the International Chili Society, the oil in the pepper pod that makes a chile hot may cause silliness in people when it comes to names for their chili dishes.

Texas Escapes categorizes chili names by several categories. In the dangerous zone are names such as “Four Dead in O-hi-O,” “Buzzard’s Breath” and “Satan’s Fantasy.” Not all chili dishes are super-spicy, and those named “Mary’s Chili for Wimps,” “Consumer Reports” and “Esquire Fortnightly Eastern Establishment” clearly fall within the sissy class. Some chili meals, such as “Heaven and Hell,” “To the Moon” and “Chili N’Awlins” represent a real or imagined geographical location.

An example of an understated dish is “Cheap Cheap Chili.” Other recipes simply defy description, such as “Chili of Penultimate Grooviness,” “Judicial Misconduct Chili” and “Ed’s Buffalo Snort Red.” Even famous names hit the chili competition circuits, such as “Rosemary’s Baby Chili.”

Many chefs, whether they enter chili competitions or cook at home for friends and family, enjoy tagging their dishes with interesting names.