What Are Some Funny Logic Questions?


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Funny logic questions require the solver to think through the problem, but the answer is often a surprise. For instance, "You are in a pitch black cave and have one match, an oil lamp, a candle and a newspaper. What do you light first? The match!" Another example is, "Three men were caught in the rain, but only two got their hair wet. Why?" The answer is, "One was bald."

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What Are Some Funny Logic Questions?
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Another funny logic question is, "How many of each kind of animal did Moses take on the ark? None. Noah built the ark." More humorous logic riddles are: "Would a scared baby bull run to a mommy bull or a daddy bull first? The daddy, because all bulls are males," and "How many apples would you have if you took two apples from three apples. Two apples!"

Many amusing logic questions involve wordplay, such as, "Which word, if pronounced right, is wrong, but if pronounced wrong is right? 'Wrong.'" Other examples are: "What happens in the middle of each month, in all seasons except summer and only in the night, never in the day? The letter N," and, "What is so fragile that when you say its name, you break it? Silence."

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