What Are Funny Church Skits?

Several websites such as Church-Skits.com feature skits appropriate for a church setting. Many skits, such as "Duct Tape Confessions," are humorous or satirical. "Duct Tape Confessions" is a skit about high school students who duct tape their mouths to avoid talking about their religious beliefs.

Church-Skits.com offers several funny skits with religious messages. For example, "Alice in Search Mode" is a satire spoof of "Alice in Wonderland" in which the characters search for life's purpose.

"Body Coordinator" is an allegory in which body parts argue about what they'd rather be doing, so they never get anywhere. "God is Able" is an infomercial spoof during which characters act as if they're part of a moving company. "Moses" spoofs David Letterman's old Top 10 lists. Each skit is tied to a Scripture passage and includes the scripts and a list of cast members and necessary props.

Sunday-School-Center.com offers a range of free skits appropriate for younger ages. The skits are meant to be fun. For example, "The Heavenly Express" is about a group of travelers, some of whom don't use their "free ticket to heaven." The skit "Cover 2 Cover" is about a man who enters a bookstore and discovers it's actually a problem-solving center. This skit is also available in Spanish.

TheSkitGuys.com has several scripts for humorous church skits. "Away From a Manger" is a funny church mystery. "Monster Sin Mash" is a funny Halloween skit. These skits are available for purchase.