What Are Some Funny Church Signs?


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Funny church signs include the sign at the Clifton Baptist Church that read "Church parking only. Violators will be baptized," and the sign at the Lancaster Assembly of God sign that read, "Be thankful you're still above ground." Another funny sign placed next to a portable toilet advertises the Faith Community Church.

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Some funny church signs are about what God would say or do if he lived in modern society. The Palm Heights Baptist Church's sign informs people that God does not believe in atheists, so the church believes that atheists do not exist. Another funny sign implies that God is a good investor by stating that God is rich because he saves. The Fall Creek Baptist Church put "Get off Facebook and into my book.--God" on its sign.

Other funny church signs are about local weather. The McDonaldville St. Paul Methodist Church requested that whoever was praying for snow to please stop when the snow was deep around its sign. The First United Methodist Church used "Too cold to change sign! Message inside!" on its sign.

SayingsForChurchSigns.com has funny sayings for churches, such as "Stop, drop and roll does not work in hell" and "No perfect people allowed or those that know everything. All others welcome to join us for service."

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