What Are Some Fun Bible Activities for Kids?

One fun Bible activity for kids is called the Fruit of the Spirit game, and it helps children learn Galatians 5:22-23. The game involves a circle of inward facing chairs with one less chair than children available. The seated children silently pick a fruit of the spirit. The standing child calls out a fruit from the verse, and those who chose it must find empty seats. If he says "fruit basket upset," every child finds a new seat.

Another fun Bible activity for kids is the Encouragement Game, and the object is for children to acknowledge the gifts they have been given by God. The game begins with children sitting in a circle, and they are given an object such as a ball to acknowledge whose turn it is to speak. The person with the ball says what he thinks someone is skilled at and what he imagines God using them to do and then passes the ball to the person he was talking about. The person who receives the ball repeats this process and passes it to someone new, so that each person receives the ball before anyone can receive it a second time. Children become engaged by the game due to the surprise element of not initially knowing who is being described, and they become encouraged in their own skills and the belief that God has a plan for them.