What Are Some Fruits That Start With the Letter “U”?

Some fruits that start with the letter “U” include the ugli fruit and the ugni berry. The ugli fruit is a Jamaican hybrid of an orange, a tangerine and a grapefruit. The ugni berry is a small, strawberry-scented berry that is red, white or purple.

The ugli fruit gets its name from the word “ugly” due to its lumpy, unsightly appearance. Slightly larger than a grapefruit, the ugli fruit has a greenish-yellow rind with a rough, wrinkled appearance. The taste of the citrus fruit inside is described as tart, tangy, sour and juicy.

The ugni berry comes from the Ugni molinae shrub, also known as the Chilean guava plant. It is mostly grown in southern Chile and Argentina, and the berries are typically used for jams, pie fillings and a traditional Chilean liqueur called Murtado.