What Are Front Teeth Partial Dentures?

Markus Dlouhy/Taxi/Getty Images

Front teeth partial dentures are removable dentures that consist of replacement teeth attached to a pink or gum-colored base, according to WebMD. Connected to the mouth by a metal plate framework, partial dentures are used when one or more of the natural front teeth are still in place on the upper or lower jaw.

An alternative, permanent type of front teeth partial dentures is a fixed bridge, according to WebMD. They replace missing teeth by placing crowns on the remaining natural teeth and attaching the artificial teeth to the crowns. Cemented in place, these type of dentures prevent the remaining natural teeth from changing positions as well.

Precision front teeth partial dentures are also available, says WebMD, and these removable dentures contain internal attachments that adhere to the adjacent crowns in the mouth. Of the three types of partial dentures, the precision front teeth partial dentures are the most natural-looking type.

Most dental insurance plans cover all or part of the cost of dentures; however, it is important to check with a plan administrator to determine the specifics. Being fitted for dentures takes about three to six weeks and consists of several appointments with a dentist. During these appointments, impressions of the jaw are taken, models of the teeth are made, the dentures are cast and fit, and final adjustments are made.