Why Do My Front Teeth Ache?

The front teeth can ache due to sensitivity, an abscessed tooth or if a person grinds his or her teeth while sleeping, according to Prevention and WebMD. The aching can be painful and frustrating so a visit to the dentist should be made for a proper diagnosis and so solutions can be found.

Prevention states that throbbing pain that lasts for over a week and seems to be particularly worse at the beginning of the day is most likely related to grinding or clenching the teeth at night while asleep. The best solution for this problem is to purchase a night guard or have a custom retainer made at the dental office. This will help to keep the teeth in place at night and avoid all pressure.

Prevention also lists an abscessed tooth as one possibility for aching pain. Abscessed teeth must be removed by a dentist, as the tooth has a root infection. If this is the cause for aching teeth, the gums should also be swollen.

WebMD states that teeth can become sensitive over time if there is gum recession or if a person brushes too hard, which removes the enamel. If tooth sensitivity is the reason for the aching pain then the person should also notice a sensitivity to hot and cold beverages or foods when they touch the front teeth.