What Are Some Frigidaire Ice Maker Problems?

Some common problems with Frigidaire ice makers include clogged filters, malfunctioning ice mold thermostats and malfunctioning defrost systems that cause the condenser coils to frost. It is common for the ice-maker assembly to fail after long-term use.

Ice cubes that are small or that appear layered are a common problem caused by low water pressure or a clogged screen in the ice maker’s inlet valve. Turn up the water pressure to the ice maker, and if the problem persists, remove and replace the inlet valve. An ice maker that makes too much ice may have a defective shutoff arm. The shutoff arm can be replaced, or the ice maker can be turned off manually using the switch or control panel.

Defective door switches can cause any type of ice maker to fail. The door switch must be tested with a continuity tester and replaced if necessary. The ice mold thermostat is also a common replacement part. The ice mold thermostat should be tested for continuity if no ice is produced.

Dirty condenser coils are a common problem among all brands. The condenser coils should be cleaned regularly to maintain the proper temperature inside the freezer. Ice on the condenser coils indicates the need to check and repair the defrost system. Replacing the ice-maker assembly is often required after extensive use. The ice-maker assembly is typically replaced after other solutions have failed to remedy the problem.