What Is the Friendship Between a Scorpio and Pisces Like?

Scorpios and Pisces share similar emotional desires, which helps them mesh well and create a balanced friendship. They can find themselves at odds in situations involving planning or emotional distress.

Scorpios and Pisces are highly compatible as friends and work together to create a balanced relationship. They share the water element and thus have a deep mutual understanding of each other. They find appeal in emotionally sensitive companions and search for the same qualities in others.

While Scorpios desire strong and challenging companionship, they do not view a Pisces' sensitivity as a weakness. Scorpios are power dependant and tend to desire dominance. Pisces do not view power as a necessity, and in a friendship with a Scorpio, they help balance the Scorpio's need for power. The lack of competition facilitates a smooth friendship.

The two can find themselves at odds in certain situations. Scorpios are methodical and detail oriented, where Pisces tend to go with the flow and not focus on details. In times of distress, a Pisces tends to be submissive to the problem or play the part of the victim. Scorpios are not afraid of confrontation and tend to address problems outright. This can cause problems in friendships between Scorpios and Pisces. They both find themselves ready to give in to emotions, which can encourage negative behaviors and thinking.

If their opposing personality traits and behaviors are balanced properly, a harmonious friendship can be formed between a Pisces and a Scorpio.