What Are Some Freemason Cult Secrets?


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Freemasons bar atheists from joining their cult since belief in a higher power is a requirement for becoming a member. Prospective members must define the higher power for themselves, with religion being a point of honor in the cult. However, although rituals in Freemason temples have a relationship with religion, the cult is not itself a religion. Initiation rituals include a noose, with its implication remaining a mystery.

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Freemasons have an obsession with the sun and believe its rising symbolizes rebirth. They build Masonic lodges in the east and west to tap the sun’s power. Freemasons have secret handshakes, and individuals may use secret phrases to ask for help from members when they face danger. Freemasonry prohibits its members from discussing subjects such as politics and religion within the confines of the group’s lodges.

Freemasons strive to control political and financial aspects around the world, and cover-ups involving their corrupt activities are rife. The cult’s roster includes U.S. presidents, and a disproportionate number of its members are in government, health care and education in England. The cult’s mode of recognition involves specific wording during rituals. Freemasonry prohibits members from testifying against one another in order to safeguard the cult’s interests.

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