What Does France Import and Export?


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According to data from 2012, France's largest imports and exports are primarily industrial in nature, with air and spacecraft, vehicles and vehicle parts making up the majority of the nation's exports and petroleum products and cars making up the majority of its imports. Germany is France's most significant trade partner, taking the top spot in both receiving France's exports and providing its imports. Although France is closely associated with its world-famous wines, wine is only the seventh most popular export from this European nation, making up only 1.9 percent of its total exporting power.

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In addition to industrial and transportation products, France also both imports and exports a high volume of packaged medical supplies, a category that includes prescription drugs and other medications. France is one of the top five nations in the world that exports packaged medicaments, and this category is France's second-highest volume of export. In addition to air and spacecraft, cars and vehicle parts, France's top five exported products includes refined petroleum. Although cars are the nation's third most popular export, they are also France's third-most popular import, and there are similar overlaps in the nation's top five imports, including air and spacecraft. Less popular exports from France include beauty products, metals and textiles.

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