How Is a Fractured Sacrum Treated?

Doctors usually prescribe rest and pain medication for treatment of mild fractures of the sacrum, according to If the sacrum fracture is severe, the patient may require surgery to put the broken bones in place and check for spinal cord injuries.

The sacrum is the triangular-shaped bone at the base of the spine. Common causes of fractures include auto accidents, falls and intense activity, such as long-distance running or intense athletic training, reports Other risk factors include growing older, use of steroidal medications, liver surgery or thyroid disease. Diseases, including osteoporosis or bone cancer, increase the risk of a fracture of this bone.

The symptoms of a sacrum fracture include pain, bruising, swelling and bowel or bladder problems, explains The victim of a broken sacrum may experience pain in the hip, buttocks or back. Other areas sometimes affected include the front of the thigh or groin. Bruising and swelling usually appear in the area surrounding the sacrum. The fracture sometimes causes sexual dysfunction or weakness in the lower limbs. If the fracture leads to difficulty controlling the bowels or bladder, the individual requires immediate medical care. Numbness in the legs, additional swelling or redness and chest pain when breathing deeply after a fracture are also reasons to go to the emergency room.