Who Is Fr. John Corapi?


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Fr. John Corapi is a former Catholic priest who practiced in the United States. Corapi has made regular appearances on television and radio, and he has also authored books and made speaking appearances throughout the world. Corapi is well known for his transformation from a life of sex and drugs to a life devoted to religion.

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Prior to becoming a Catholic priest, Corapi served in the United States Army as a clerk and typist. Following his discharge from the Army, Corapi attended college and eventually worked in real estate. Corapi then became involved in drugs and abused cocaine. He eventually moved in with his mother, who tried to help him through religion. Corapi then entered Holy Apostles Cemenary and was ordained as a priest by Pope John Paul II in 1991.

From 1991 to 2011, Corapi was a public minister and spoke around the world to share his experience of finding religion. During this time, Corapi became extremely popular. In 2011, an investigation was launched to evaluate allegations that Corapi was involved in an inappropriate relationship with a woman, and that Corapi was addicted to drugs. The investigation revealed that Corapi may have been abusing alcohol and drugs, and that he had sexted numerous women.

Following the investigation, Corapi resigned from the priesthood and has been living a more private life in an attempt to regroup his spiritual life.

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