What Are Some Facts Found in Faith First Chapter Reviews?


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Faith First's chapter reviews contain a variety of facts from the Bible's content, such as historical facts, the roots of commonly used words and notes on the book's structure. For example, the "Jesus in the New Testament" Chapter 1 review explains that the word "testament" comes from a word that means "covenant," and that the chapters and verses of the Bible weren't original parts of the text, but were inserted later for the sake of easy reference.

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Faith First's chapter tests are among many examples of the results of linguistic and historical scholarship undertaken to confirm facts in the Bible. Because the Bible has been in circulation for so long and is the target of such intense study, some of its language has become part of the common vernacular and historical facts mentioned are considered common knowledge.

For example, the Chapter 10 review states that the New Testament describes someone who pretends to be what he is not as a "hypocrite," now a commonly used word with a similar meaning. The Chapter 12 review talks of the patron saint of France, Joan of Arc, a popular historical figure, as being revered for her faithfulness to her God. These are a few of many concrete facts covered in Faith First's study materials.

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