How Do You Find a Fortune Teller Online for Free?

There are many sites with fortune tellers and psychics offering free services, such as Visitors can hover the mouse over the "Games" tab and click on the "Fortune Tellers" link to go to a page filled with free fortune telling games and oracles.

Those looking for psychics and card readers who offer fortune telling services should consider looking for a psychic network. One such company is Kasamba, which offers readings via phone, text or email with one of multiple available psychics. Another option is to seek out a free tarot reading from a student on a site such as Biddy Tarot.

  1. Go to Biddy Tarot
  2. Go to Scroll to the bottom of the page to click on "Free Tarot Readings" to make a request of a free reading from a student.

  3. Fill out the request form
  4. Fill out the form on the next page. The form requires a name, email address for delivery of the tarot reading, detailed question and optional photo of the person or item the spread is concerning.

  5. Review the reading
  6. Wait up to seven days for the free tarot reading to be sent via email. Peruse through the reading and provide the student reader with a detailed review of the reading, such as how accurate it was and how helpful the answer is.

Free self-service tarot readings are available through many websites as well. One site to check out is New Age Store, with free tarot layouts to choose from under the "Tarot" tab. Sites such as the New Age Store use software programs to allow customers to select tarot cards randomly and read the accompanying descriptions.