How Do You Format a Personal Development Plan?


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A personal development plan usually is formatted with list-style paragraphs that are organized under various headings and sub-headings based on the needs and preferences of the creator. In its most basic format, a personal development plan typically includes three main categories: Current, Future and Plan of Action. Plans with more detail may also contain sections that outline opportunities, define obstacles or explain why the goals are important.

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Several organizations offer personal development plan templates and formatting tips, including Self Improvement Mentor, Professional Academy and Xerox. Self Improvement Mentor provides an example of a detailed format that guides the creator through questions about his present self, his primary focus areas for the future, why these goals are important and his proposed timetable to accomplish them. A Word format of the template is also available.

Professional Academy suggests a simpler format that begins with an assessment of the creator's current state and ends with ideas for reviewing and evaluating his progress. The outline consists of three primary categories, each with four sub-headings: Where are you now, Where do you want to be, How will you get there, and a fourth heading for future assessments.

Xerox offers a printable five-page personal development plan template as a Word document, including a table that summarizes the plan. This format includes sections for an assessment of the creator's current state, areas of opportunity, needed skills and experience, and an action plan.

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