How Do You Format a Letter to a Congressman?

Format a letter to a congressman by crafting custom letters to local representatives, focusing the letter on a single main topic, addressing the representative respectfully and properly, and using specific examples throughout. Above all, avoid using profanity, vulgarity or issuing ultimatums, such as a demand the representative respond to the letter.

Ensure that the letter is addressed properly. Refer to them as “The Honorable,” followed by her last name, and address the letter to the proper room number in either the House Office Building or Senate Office Building.

When choosing who to write to, consider writing to either your state senators or representatives from your own Congressional District. Your status as a voter who helps shape her political future makes it more likely for the representative to listen, and choosing a specific person helps you format the letter to this person and her politics and actions. This makes the letter seem customized and heartfelt rather than sending the same basic letter to multiple representatives, making it not seem unique or important.

The message of the letter should be simple. Include your name and credentials, and give a non-emotional breakdown of key info the representative needs to know. End the letter with a call to action that specifically implores the representative to help with your particular problem. Whenever possible, ensure the letter is one page long or shorter.