Is the Ford Edge or the Ford Escape a Bigger Vehicle?

Joe Raedle / Staff/Getty Images News/Getty Images

The Ford Edge is a bigger and wider vehicle than the Ford Escape. They are both compact SUVs, but the Edge is slightly bigger with more interior room.

Overall, the Ford Edge is a larger and more powerful vehicle than the Ford Escape. It is intended to be a larger compact SUV and is able to provide passengers and drivers the comfort that can be expected in an SUV. It is both longer and wider than the Ford Escape. Passengers are generally more comfortable in the back seat of the Ford Edge because there is more legroom and a wider girth on the seat. The front seat section of the Ford Edge is slightly smaller than the Ford Escape and may be more difficult for drivers who are exceptional heights. The passenger capacity in the Ford Edge and the Ford Escape. The space that is available in the trunk section of the vehicles is nearly identical. The main differences in the size of the vehicles are the roominess of the seats and the heights of the ceilings within the vehicle. Due to the fact that the Edge has a six-cylinder engine and the Escape has a four cylinder engine, the Escape gets slightly better gas mileage than the Edge.