Which Foods Are Suitable for People With Clostridium Difficile?

Patients with the clostridium difficile bacteria should take plenty of fluids and foods with soluble fiber, says Mayo Clinic. They should also consume fermented foods such as yogurt to introduce probiotics to the body, according to Today’s Dietician.

People with C. difficile should eat foods that contain probiotics, says Today’s Dietician. Probiotics are good bacteria that help with digestion and reduce the growth of the C. difficile bacteria. Foods such as yogurt and fermented soybeans contain plenty of probiotics. People with C. difficile should consider foods with live cultures when buying packaged food.

Foods with soluble fiber help to eliminate C. difficile faster than diets with high amounts of insoluble fiber. Oats, beans, barley, strawberries and citrus fruits are examples of foods with a high content of fermentable fiber. People with C. difficile should avoid foods such as cabbage, carrots and turnips, as they contain a high amount of insoluble fiber, advises Today’s Dietician.

As C. difficile leads to loss of body fluids, people with the bacteria should drink plenty of fluids, says Mayo Clinic. Patients should consume soft drinks, broths and diluted fruit juice. People with watery diarrhea should eat starchy foods such as noodles, rice, potatoes, bananas and boiled vegetables. It is advisable for patients with diarrhea to consume a liquid diet regularly.