What Foods Go With Sangria?

Sangria pairs well with many types of foods, including fish and poultry, cheeses, spicy appetizers, small sandwiches and desserts. Sangria derives from the Mediterranean region, forming a cross between a wine and fruit drink. Its light color and fruity taste make sangria suitable for serving with finger foods, main entrees and fruit-themed or custard-style desserts.

Sangria makes a nice accompaniment to an appetizer dish of soft and stronger flavors, including soft cheeses like Brie, crusty bread and a sweet and spicy side, such as rhubarb or cranberry chutney. Some hosts serve sangria with seafood dishes, such as calamari, shrimp and fish. White sangria, which is slightly less fruity than red sangria, pairs well with meat, including spicy meatballs and chicken. For dessert, people serve sangria with fruit tarts and yogurt dishes.