What Are Some Foods Containing Sorbitol?

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Sorbitol is a reduced-calorie sweetener that’s found in many different foods both naturally and as an additive, including dates, cherries, plums and many low-calorie foods. Sorbitol is sometimes listed on food labels as “E420” and can cause intestinal distress in amounts larger than 5 grams.

Many low-calorie or reduced-calorie foods contain sorbitol, as does light or diet beverages, sugar-free gum and many dried fruits. Beer, apples, apricots, raisins, dates, pears, plums, cherries and jams containing blueberries and peaches can contain sorbitol. Additionally, sorbitol is used to improve the taste or to add bulk to some medications, mouthwashes, laxatives and cough syrups, among other products.