What Are Some Foods That Begin With the Letter “D”?

There are many foods throughout the world’s cuisines that begin with the letter “D.” Three eclectic, interesting and contrasting examples are donuts, duck and daikons.

Duck is a food that is very low in saturated fat. It is also fairly high in iron, selenium and niacin. As with most meats, duck is also a great source of protein. Unfortunately, duck is high in cholesterol, which makes it an unpopular choice of food for people who already have high cholesterol.

A daikon is a large radish, usually 6 to 20 inches long, that is often used in Asian dishes. Due to how long daikons can grow, this is a popular food to store over the winter months in many Asian countries. Like the potato in America, daikons are used in many dishes, including stews and soups. Although the daikon is eaten all over the world, it was first cultivated in China around 500 B.C. Daikons are rich in vitamin C, providing around 34 percent of a person’s daily needs. The daikon is low in calories and contains a number of active enzymes that aid the digestion of starchy foods.

The two main types of donuts are yeast and cake. Yeast doughnuts are very airy and fluffy, while cake donuts are more buttery and crumbly. Cake donuts are designed to handle heavier toppings and are also perfect for dunking because they absorb liquids well.