How Do You Fold the American Flag?


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The American flag deserves to be honored and respected; therefore, the proper protocol for folding the flag must be followed including folding the flag width-wise, in triangles and by tucking the final flap in. The American flag is a great symbol for Americans of freedom and independence and comes with its own holiday on June 14 known as Flag Day.

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How Do You Fold the American Flag?
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Follow these steps to properly fold the flag and honor the United States.

Step 1: Fold width-wise

The first step in folding the flag is to fold width-wise by taking the top of the flag or the bottom of the flag and folding it so that the top and bottom edges are touching. Once this has been done, the flag must be folded width-wise one more time.

Step 2: Fold from the lower striped corner

The lower striped corner on the right side needs to be picked up and moved to the upper edge. This will create a triangle shape. Then, the upper striped corner needs to be picked up and moved to the lower edge. This process should be repeated until the whole flag has been folded in this way.

Step 3: Tuck the stars

When the stars are all that is visible, the extra material on the left side needs to be tucked in to the existing triangle shape. This will create an image of a single triangle with one right angle at the top of the left side.

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