What Are Some Flowers That Start With the Letter “m”?

Some of the most common flowers that start with the letter “m” include marigolds and morning glories. Other “m” flowers include mallows, mignonettes, Madagascar jasmine, Maltese cross, Michaelmas daisy, milfoil, marvel of Peru, mock orange, monarch of the Veldt, monkey flower and mountain laurel.

Monarch of the Veldt is a flower that’s native to South Africa. It’s also called the cape daisy. It has deep, orange flowers with black centers.

The annual Marvel of Peru has fragrant, funnel shaped flowers that can be red, violet-red, yellow or white.

The orchid-like monkey flower blooms throughout the summer. Its interior resembles the face of a monkey.

The Maltese cross has brilliant red blossoms and petals that are arranged like a Maltese cross.