Which Flowers Start With the Letter “H?”

Flowers that start with the letter “H” include hellebore, hepatica, hibiscus and hyacinth. Other flowers that begin with “H” are hydrangea, honeysuckle, hyssop and hollyhock.

Hellebore is also called the “Christmas rose” and is one of the earliest blooming flowers. It has white, cream, pink or purple cup-shaped flowers and glossy, evergreen leaves.

Hepaticas also bloom in the early spring. The flowers are small and blue, pink or white and the leaves have three lobes that remind people of the shape of the liver. In the past, the hepatica was used to treat liver ailments.

The trumpet-shaped hibiscus flowers range in color from red, pink, orange or yellow. They grow on shrubs with evergreen, toothed, oval-shaped leaves.

Hyacinth flowers are bell-shaped and grow in dense blue or sometimes white heads on stems. The plant grows from a bulb and is also a harbinger of spring.

Hydrangeas are famous for their big, spherical heads full of blooms. Other types of hydrangeas are more open and are called lace caps. They are borne on hardy shrubs, and the color of the flowers depends on the pH of the soil. Soil that’s more acidic produces blue flowers, while soil that’s more alkaline produces pink flowers.