What Flowers Can I Plant in August?

August can be a difficult time to plant flowers, so the best varieties are autumn-blooming strains that are hardy enough to survive both the late-August heat and the first frost, such as Montauk daisies. According to About.com, it is also possible to plant annuals, such as marigolds, though these are unlikely to thrive in the chill of late fall or early winter.

Other autumnal flowers can contribute greatly to a garden even if their period is shortened by unpredictable weather. Bamboo orchids, for example, develop a light pink bloom and flourish in the summer-fall stretch. As reported by Flowerpictures.net, bamboo orchids are tropical flowers, which must be taken into consideration when planting.

Another consideration when buying flowers for a late-summer planting is the steep discount that can be had in June and July on certain leggy annuals. These flowers call for special care if they are to survive the summer months, so nurseries are often eager to move them, according to About.com. If the August heat proves to be too much for these delicate flowers to be revived, container gardening in a shady spot along with a careful transplant to a new container, is sometimes enough to save a delicate annual.