What Flower Symbolizes Friendship?

According to Joy's Florist, the alstromeria flower symbolizes friendship and devotion. Named after Baron Claus von Alstromer, alstromeria flowers range in colors that include lavender, white, orange and pink. The flower's leaves grow upside down, and the bottoms twist and face upwards, symbolizing the twists and turns of friendship.

Additional flowers that symbolize friendship include yellow roses, red-tipped yellow roses, red carnations, hydrangeas, daisies, iris, freesia and chrysanthemums. Pink roses, peach roses and yellow lilies symbolize gratitude. Congratulatory flowers include bells of Ireland, jasmine, pink stargazer lilies, yellow poppies, hibiscus, amaryllis and orange tiger lilies. Red roses, daffodils, violets and forget-me-nots symbolize love.